Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon - The Come Down

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Here I am, once again. just like a pack of wolves.

the skies were once paved with gold, now they rain on us all.

I've made my bed so I'll lie in it. I've dug my grave so i'll die in it.

tell all my friends i said goodbye, clenched teeth and fluttering eyes

i cant go on like this.

just like the living dead, I've got a taste for something.

and i dont want it, i just need it.

and i cant believe that its getting harder just to feel alive.

curtains close- take a bow. i think we fooled all of them now.

who you are, what you say, what you do each and every single day.

i've made my bed so i'll lie in it. i've dug my grave so god help me die in it.

& i dug my grave. so ill lie in it. i've made my bed, so ill die in it.


im knocking on deaths door, but your already dead.

its either now or fucking never. and that night, we meant every word we said.

all i can say for sure is, were coming out tonight

all i can say for sure is, were coming up tonight

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