Brighten - Single Millionaires

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There's a man, on the corner, with His hands holding tightly to his Hat so it wont blow away.

With a girl, with her hands in her Pockets, holding tightly to her Money, so she wont blow it today.

Its all the same.

Every day.

When he gets home from work

Theres his children already in bed

Without seeing his face today.

And the girl with empty pockets

Spent her money

She might as well just throw her wallet in the fireplace.

And she is the L and he is the O For us, liars out there

And she is the V and he is the E For the violence in everyone.

And we might spell you, but we're Nothing like you.

When his kids grow up old and have Children of their own, they swear They'll never wear the same size hat their father wears.

And the girl, now a woman, says Shes happy and thanks god for Jewelry and single millionaires.

And she is the H and he is the O For us, humble orphans.

And she is the P and he is the E For potential in everyone.

And we might spell you,

But we're nothing like you.<br />

<br />

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