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Brenda Kay Winters - You Saw Me Fall Once lyrics

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You laughed when I fell down.

That was mean I thought while I sat on the ground.

Wait til you act my age, if you ever do.

You look just as silly as you ever did; but too much hurt made me frown.

Your heart showed through when you laughed at me.

I am far away but my heart can still see.

You were never too wise; You had most of them fooled.

Mister, your time is coming again.Your heels need to be cooled.

Yes, you laughed when I fell down.

Now your face is nothing but a frown.

I am doing so much better than you ever did.

Long ago I made you my clown.

You never saw it coming. I had already made you my clown.

Now I am laughing cause you fell down.

I heard you were poor again. I laughed cause you are just like you were then even after so many years.

How does it feel to be on the ground?

How does it feel looking up from the ground?

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