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Brenda Kay Winters - You do not like Women? lyrics

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You do not like women, but you are my man.

Because your ex tried to work you to death.

We both know that was not right. Spoken-This makes me so sad I want to cry.

Someday I will take your hand.

You may not be the cutest man I ever saw.

But your heart is good and kind.

You say now you do not like women at all.

Well I do not like just any man.

And I do not care if you are to tall.

You do not like women because you worked so hard.

She cheated on you with another.

Made you feel a fool.

Yes she made you look like a fool playing that card.

It was not your fault she lied so much.

She was longing for another one's touch all along.

Yes my man, she was looking for another lover all along.

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