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Brenda Kay Winters - Have You broken His Heart? lyrics

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Have you broken your Father's heart?

Did you make him cry?

I know how you did it.

You called him with no time.

I was there while you were speaking.

From a distance you were thoughtless.

He just forgave you because he trusts the One above and prays that you will be fine.

Would you think about Him and not yourself just once?

Lift a hand to see if he has a need?

Remember how much he taught you when you were small.

I cannot judge your heart.

I do not know how to judge your heart.

I saw your Father cry after he spoke with you.

Only G-d and I saw it.

You made him feel so blue.

Have you caused joy in your Father's heart today?

Did you make him laugh with your words so good?

Did you take the time?

Would you please take some time?

When he is gone it will be too late for you.

I regret is a word we all understand.

Your Father must love you so much.

He taught you how to become a man.

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