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Brenda Kay Winters - Bully for You and Bully for Me. lyrics

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Bully for you and bully for me.

We had another argument last night.

You may have back your ring.

Bully for you, no bully for me.

This is for certain.

I once loved you.

You were my king.

Now go find another blonde.

By this time tomorrow, I will be gone. Spoken-Did you know I was rich once too?

Bully for you and no more bully for me.

I need to be free honey, yes I just need to know me.

Would you like me to find you a date?

Please let me call just one of my friends so I can move on.

You are not looking to good to me either.

It is time to move on. I need to move on.

It is time for you to see the doctor again.

Bully for you and bully for me. What did I win?

What did I win?

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