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Brenda Kay Winters - A Bible and a Gun lyrics

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He had a Bible and a gun.

He had his Bible and a gun.

His wife went out to have some fun.

but a strange man hurt her, yes a strange man hurt her

He was out for fun.

He had his Bible and a gun.

He did not know which one.

He did not know which one to use on him.

His Bible or his gun.

His jealousy was getting the better of him now.

That man is finished he said.

His wife came and said I love you. You are my only man,

Turn the other cheek darling.

But he would not listen.

Her husband found that man.

He found him alone and took his stand.

He said you took what never belonged to you.

I will turn the other cheek when I am through.

We are to do to others as we want done to us.

You took my wife and as he shot him, he whispered,

Now you will return to dust.

He had his Bible and his gun.

He had to choose which one.

Now all he has is The Holy book.

He can only look back at what he had done.

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