Bratmobile - Panik

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She's the hottest whore in town

the dominatrrx of my dreams

i know you think it's cheezy

but she's so in luv with me

she wants to play guitar

and let me suck her blood

she even likes DURAN DURAN

to do it in the mud!

Her name is Panik

she made me panic

She's the straightest girl in town

the one who makes me run

she'll tell me all about her boy

then let me chew her gum

she'll whisper in my ear

when there's just no other way

i'll bing her In the eye

and then she's like "no way"

She's the Joanest Jett around

like to get her in my bed

she doesn't need a crown

so i'll lasso her instead

Her name is Panik

she made me Panic

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