Bratmobile - Not in Dog Years

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Oh oh oh so you're the new boy in town?

I've been putting up with you while you're putting me down

I'll tell you one thing, this is my fucking town

You can do what you want but I'll shut you down

A boy and his guitar

How dare you dis me for that fucking girl

A boy and his guitar

What the hell were you crying for?

I hate you more than I did before

You're trying so hard and it makes me hurl

With nothing out of place, not even a curl

Now who fucken bites in your teenage world?

Who's gonna kick your ass? I think it's a girl!

Now you say you're bored

If you're bored, it's 'cause you're boring

How dare you say you're bored

When you're bored, it's 'cause you're bored

You're the fucken one that made me snore

Now we got the honest ass running for mayor

You're working your way up, but I beat you there

All you worry about is your hair and what you wear

Well no one likes your band and see how much I care

I won't say a thing

Don't worry what they think of you

I won't say nothing

Don't worry what they say of you

Everybody knows why I hate you

I don't want you

And I don't need you

Everyone knows why I hate you

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