Bratmobile - Fuck Yr. Fans

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you said i'd be blue if i fell in love with you.

fuck yer fans!

one, two, three, four.

im going to kill you.

get outta my fucking life.

i've waited my whole life.

stop living my fucking life.

you've ruined my fucking life.

you dumb bitch i love.

get outta my fucking town.

stop coming to my fucking town.

grew up in this fucking town.

you've ruined my favorite town.

you dumb bitch i love.

get outta yer fucking scene.

if you know what i fucking mean.

get out of our fucking scene.

i hate yer fucking scene.

you dumb bitch i love.

yer breaking my fucking heart.

you think yer so fucking smart.

i'll tear yer lie apart.

you have no fucking heart.

you dumb bitch i love.

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