Bratmobile - Come Hither

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Alright, yeah, uh huh, well i know what you need...

Everyone said that when you got a girlfriend

That you'd disappear -- but I want you here!

Writing me in between 9 to 5 and your next date

Your back burner don't suit me oh no

So what's it gonna be this time?

Mmmm...I don't know...

You think I ain't go no self-respect?

You think that I don't got nothing better to do?

Well I do!

I got an all girl band, I got nails to file

I got a thing for you, I'll only wait a little while

Everyone says I should leave you alone

But you call me on the phone, still you're never home

I want out!

Leave me outta your clock

I want in!

But only in the way I want you...

I don't need your sloppy seconds

Or a sob story to win me back

I can't see you feel

I see fear, dressed as a man!

Well you confess to understand, but I'm not convinced

You'd better keep it together, 'cause you let one stray

To the East Bay, but you don't go there.

Yeah well it's a good thing

'Cause I'm turning up the heat, and I'll set you on fire!

Don't flatter yourself!

Don't flatter yourself, come hither

Come hither, come hither, yeah.

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