Bratmobile - Affection Training

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This is daytime TV yeah yeah

There's a seat reserved just for you

I can never sleep, but I'm brain-dead

Branded with a piece of you

Oh no!

There's no other way

True love at the price of your soul

Insatiable-I can't get me no...

I don't like you any more

Than the other boys sold in this store

What if I was honest with you?

Would that make you like me, like you?

I don't

I don't know

I don't know what to do

I stopped using my ears, so I watch you

He still asks about my job

I think that it fascinates him

We all need affection training

So how can I get you out of here?

He. She.

He's a she.

He's a she that don't exist

Well what do you mean? You knew about it?

I learned somewhere that living with dudes

Means you pick up their wet towels,

Dirty underwear and find their

Ignorance cute somehow

I ain't

I ain't done

"I ain't never done nothing"

See Mr. Whatever describe himself

It's frightening to feel worthless

In the eyes of worthlessness

My fear has nowhere left to go

Impossible- I can't get me no no...

All the girls are fighting over

The dummest boys who run this town

I watch myself get watched like TV

But I'd rather run you down.

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