Brandon Heath

Brandon Heath - Stolen lyrics

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I'm a fugitive

Running from the life that I was meant to live

Looking for somewhere that I can lay my head

I'm lucky if I make it through the night

But I can't sleep

Knowing that You're one more step ahead of me

I'm a fool for ever thinking You'd just let me go

That's not the way it's ever gone before

I'm Yours

You catch me like a thief in the night

You hold me when I put up a fight

You chase me when I run from Your light

Because You love, You won't give up

'Til my heart is stolen

'Til my heart is stolen away

I'm trying to understand that life comes after dying

To embrace that I'm a slave until I'm captured

But You would never use a lock or a key

'Cause I am free

I could change my name, cover all my tracks

But I'm wrong to think I could lose the past

'Cause You found me here and You took me back

Once a criminal, now a prodigal

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