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Brandon Heath - Reaching Out lyrics

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What if you and I went for a walk out in the rain

And you turned to me and you said you'd like to share

Just a little of your pain

Well my brother I thought you'd never say

Ive been waiting forever for this day

What if you were to call me up and ask

For a minute of my time

And you cried and said you were different from the rest

Like it was some kind of crime

Well my sister I hoped that you might come

And I promise that you are not the only one

Look me in the eye and tell me honestly

What ever lies behind your broken heart

Is too complex for me

Come and talk to me if for only for a while

I am reaching out for you

What if you were to tell me you were through

With the way that you live

Cause you take so much from an empty world outside

You've got nothing left to give

Well my brother Ive felt the same way too

But someone changed me and Here's got his eye on you

What if you remembered who you were

Before people broke you down

And you realized you were someones little girl

And he loves when you're around

We'll my sister, your dad has seen you hurt

And Here's waiting for you with open arms

Nothing hurts Him more than seeing you in pain

Just to see you come so close to Him

And turn and walk away

Hide yourself in Him, He will make you brand new

He is reaching out for you

God is reaching out for you

He's reaching out for you

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