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Brandon Heath - Love Does lyrics

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This one goes out to the world changersShining your light in the face of danger OhTell us what you knowYou're a saint, you're a son, you're a promis keeperBottom of the well still digging down deeperOhHow far you gonna goChasing down hopeMoving down dreamsTaking that pathMaybe it'll lead you homeMaybe it won't(Chourus)Nobody knows why your heart is brokenNobody cries while your pray're are going upBut love doesNobody walks on the road you're pavingNobody sees all the souls you're savingOhBut love doesLove doesLove doesThis is for the one on the the front line fightingRinging the bell over everybodyOhTell us what you knowKnocking down doors in the midnight alleyLooking for life in the desert valleyOhHow far you gonna goChasing down hopeMoving on dreamsTaking that path maybe it'll lead you homeMaybe it don't(Chourus)You are a renegadeYou're an outlawOf loves crusadeAnd they don't know who you are They don't knowThey don't knowButLove doesI'm telling youLove doesSomebody knowsSomebody criesSomebody feelsLove doesSomebody walksSomebody seesSomebody knowsLove doesLove doesLove doesLove doesLove does

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