BOWLING FOR SOUP - I Can't Stand L.A. lyrics

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Well I love New York like everyone<br />

And I go to Las Vegas to Chill<br />

I like Denver Colorado cause it's so laid back<br />

And Chicago keeps it real<br />

I only leave Dallas when I have to, but<br />

When I do I like Tulsa, OK<br />

And I ain't got nothing against California<br />

But I can't stand LA<br />

<br />

Well Orlando Florida is humid but it's swell<br />

Austin and Nashville both freakin' rock (yes they do! )<br />

And New Orleans is evil but it's part of the appeal<br />

You can gamble drink and swear until you drop<br />

The state of Ohio's been great to our band<br />

Along with Phili and Green Bay<br />

I got nothing but love for Hollywood<br />

But I can't stand LA<br />

<br />

I like Salt Lake City, Portland, Frisco, Santa Fe<br />

Indianappolis and Hartford, too<br />

Boise, Memphis, Souix Falls, and of course KC<br />

Along with Pittsburg and Kalamazoo<br />

Atlanta is our home away from home and here's a shout out to Sauget<br />

And I wish my friends would leave that place<br />

'Cause I can't stand LA<br />

<br />

Traffic Sucks<br />

No protected lefts<br />

Snooty fucks<br />

Pollution fills the air<br />

Gang Fights<br />

$7 beers<br />

And the threat of breaking off into the sea<br />

<br />

(And now to give LA the benefit of the doubt)<br />

Jimmy Kimmel In and Out and great sushi<br />

And diversity everywhere<br />

Really hot chicks wearing next to nothing<br />

And the Santa Monica Pier<br />

Thank you for hair metal and the 84 olympics and for the BFS radio play<br />

But please don't take this personally<br />

No I'm happy to visit, but I'm happier to leave<br />

And I guess what it is I'm trying to say is<br />

I can't stand LA!

<br />

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