BOWLING FOR SOUP - A Friendly Goodbye lyrics

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I can lay it on real thick

But I know how you don't like to get bogged down

With anything 'bout us

And our kick ass true love tale

Sorry I swore just then

Cause I know you hate it

And by the way that cake you baked me really sucked

But I ate it

Cause I loved you

Even more that you could ever imagine

Here's a friendly goodbye


Ain't that a "b" with an itch

Ain't that a mother trucker

You can go to h-e-double hockey sticks

And f yourself

Cause I'm flippin' gosh darn sick

Of all the "s" words you put me through

So f-u


I can hang it out to dry

Cause I know how you like all your laundry neat

And not just thrown around

Like a chain saw in need of juggling

Sorry I flipped you off cause I know,

That you hate it

And that homemade porn I said that I erased

Well I saved it

I'll send you a post card that says

I'm glad you're not here

I'll buy you a t-shirt

But I'll use it to wipe up the beer

That I spilled

While I was spilling my guts

To my friends about you

And I really don't have anything else nice to say

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