Bow Wow

Bow Wow - Martians Vs. Goblins (Freestyle)

rate me

Yeah, I got these niggers, legendary flow

She give them viagra now, shit how hard I go

Get your facts right, I'm too nice

All your rumble nigger, my crew leather <i>[?]</i>

Rums looki'n in here grease <i>[?]</i> you niggers just dead meat

Cats act hard till the bitch come out

Now what happened to that tough that you was talk about?

New update now I got more time to shit on your rappers

Any time I feel like yeah, we don't associate with snitchers

We can keep your mouth shut, it may require a couple stitches

Hit the campers go <i>[?]</i> have a <i>[?]</i> ferrari, let me show you how I'm living

I'm in the spot where <i>[?]</i> talk crazy, homie

You don't wanna get <i>[?]</i> you don't confuse a <i>[?]</i> as a audi

Getting head while I'm dumping weed ashes off my balcony

And if I ain't top 7 then would you break me ass?

Because they rhyme softer than a baby ass

Shit I'm sorry <i>[?]</i> shit I had to do it

I easy <i>[?]</i> whip, that mean my shit is roofless

I'm wassup man, beat the shit out the bitch

It might need a cut man, bleed

I'm just a cool ass nigger, but don't let these green eyes fool you my nigger

So that means don't pop off, fuck around like your top off

You hear me son?

I'm as real as they come

And I ain't even no gangster, <i>[?]</i> cool to admit it

Cause there's so many fake ones

Niggers saying I'm hot, but I knew that already

I'm just trying to do me, these niggers still wanna test me

<i>[?]</i> so cold, they need the <i>[?]</i>

So they be calling me a snoop dogg, homie, I've been raw shit

Hey <i>[?]</i> then I'm fucking with kiss

But if I'm not, I'm at the trump towers, knocking you bitch

It's only a couple of niggers doing it <i>[?]</i>

And for the nigger ain't mention shit, I ain't dissing

Warrup homie, what it do, bro

Replace my old women shit with my new hoes

You know <i>[?]</i> I'm still underrate

Me and my niggers ball harder than gary <i>[?]</i>

I hear what they say, yeah I'm a little crazy

Blackberry kush they got me feeling like

<i>[?]</i> 45 in the <i>[?]</i> bad bitch by my side

While I'm singing beats till I die, <i>[?]</i> yeah.

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