Bow Wow

Bow Wow - All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle

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A better deal.

I'm in my zone nigga.

Phantom drop, two-toned nigga.

Ballin... on... all... of ya'll

Just like Keyshia Cole's nigga.


And I can be dumb, sometimes mothafucka' why you think I'm stupid rich.


And if I want to boy, boy I got enough game I can take yo bitch.

Call me bow weezy, bow wizzle, prince of the O-town, yep boy it's all the same.

Black diamonds all in my chain.

All the way turn't up, ain't no turnin' me down mane.

I like a girl with a nice frame, who go both ways - you know that pimp shit.

And I can't lie the game been good to me j-just like bomb bitch. (Leggo!)

CMB is who I run with.

Ain't got time for no dumb shit.

And all this ice off in my chain, no wonder why I'm numb bitch.

So icey, like Gucci Mane.

And my jacket came from Gucci, mane.

You know I keep them cash knots, money out of the world - atstronauts. (I do it!)

I'll Will this shit to easy. (Leggo!)

I do this with no prob. (Leggo!)

Shoutout to LB-Dubb gang, it's because we go to hard.

No, we go ham!

To ham, we go ham off in that hoe.

Even though I live in the 305, I still represent the O.

Girls everywhere I go.

You can smell just what I smoke.

If it ain't the grandaddy, it's the purple or the dro.

And if I look at your girl, then your girl gone be mine.

She like my swag, I'm so crispy - but my name ain't Keyanshawn. (Leggo!)

First thing first, let me say hi to my haters.

Yeah I'm back from a hiatus, niggas hate but imitate it.

And you know it on my calendar, you niggas is out dated.

Step yo game up, you know Bow Wizzle's in the latest.

I keep my business to myself, 'cause these hoes just talk to much.

I'm on Ciroc, you know - that we drunk as fuck.

Okay, my flow is just the meanest.

Yo girl all on my penis.

And yeah yo girl be textin' me, how she want me to beat it.

Make her choke, like Payton Manning in the super bowl.

Girl, girl, how low like Luda's song.

Can, can, can you go?

N-now shout out to Snoop.

He put me up on game.

And JD taught me well, Stunna taught me how to get paid.

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Tuesday 26th of June 2012 22:56
Bow Wow i love uuuu!!! U tha BEST! YMCMB
Tuesday 26th of June 2012 22:55
Bow Wow