Bow Wow

Bow Wow - Ain't Thinkin' Bout You

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Feat. Chris Brown and Tyga

we done been together for a minute

now it feels funny cuz we doing something different

but its all good you &me is finished

got a ball player but a nigga aint trippen

and i aint sayen he dont love you

but i dont think he love you like i do

but its okay its alright

my blackberrys filled with a whole bunch of women

wasting time steady tryen to get you back

get you back in my life

you dont care you dont care

it use to be you that i like

but imma do what i like tonight

im gonna get typsy

over 21 all the girls have fun

and watch the ladies jump on me


im not looking for love cause she s gone on on on

so tell all the girls the bottles on us

get your drink on on on

i just wanna have a good time and keep you on my mind

find a little shawty i like(yeah)

and girl when im in the club im really turned up

i aint goin to think about you tonight (ay ay)x2

you got the wrong one if you think i aint goin out

you used yo be the the only nigga id think bout

i got a couple girls on call

im goin to bring them out

imagine city strip on her so this wats this is all about

im in the club doen the 2 step

i then pulled about 8 broads

and iom just getting my feet wet

but i aint even knocking yo style

so ive been here all day counting how many girls want BOW

yeah i see you on your blogs with yo dude and all that

but little did you know that you making yo self look whack

if a dude got a problem better tell him to fall back

im blowin real big in v.i.p. yeak that loud pack

shit its me and chris in here

so you know its real thick in here

but cuff yo gurl cuz yo bitch is in here

tryen to see how many i can fit in my lambo

i never go raw got my strap like rambo


ooh ooh shawty wats up

ooh ooh baby

ooh ooh all the girls in the club

ooh ooh got damn you sexy

ooh ooh you sexy

ooh ooh got damn you sexy

ooh ooh you sexy

ooh ooh ooooooooooohhhhh

Chorus<br />

<br />

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