BOOTSY COLLINS - Hip Hop and Funk U lyrics

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(ft. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg & Chuck D)

What you know about the funk show

...this is X baby, X baby ..

Funky, funky Bootsilla

Watch the boy play the Bass like Godzilla

Watch me pimp the mike like a gowiller

... when I go get her

Now try to kill when you see me with her

I make you feel just a little bitter

You can take a pill tryin' to feel better

or you can ask Bootsy to help you get her


Don’t you wanna get you down again

We wanna get down with Funk G

That's me

We have a Snoop Dogg Prodigy in the house but hey baby I didn't expect you'd be so young.

Well you don't look so bad yourself.

Oh and he's fresh too I like that

So what you wanna be when you’re grown up sweety

I wanna be a rapstar just like Snoop Dogg

Aaw yeah, come on

You got to do it

Is Snoop calling .. I got the P in me

Come on baby bubba

Slippin slidin, dippin glidin

Ridin to a whole new dimension

It’s like playin some ball me and my doll

Jammin up on the yard

Get up of the wall you can smell it Snoopadelic, Funkatelic

they gonna yell it, we gonna sell it, y'all gonna buy

'cause you’re all feelin the groove just say

one more rhyme, one more crime, one more time

Is all the same my brother my nilla is snoopin'

Bootsilla my name

You really losing I got the groovin’ ...

Ice Cube:

Get the ... watch ... all the ..fantastic..

Sing it ...

Sing it back we got .. we got style

Sing it ...

Recognize son, as you drop it on the one

We just getting started, I beg your pardon

Recognize, people, where the peace comes from

Pay attention in the music ’cause this is it

Salute to get with it

So you’all never quit it, it’s a beautiful thing

And before ya'll spit it

It’s a natural high you can’t get over it

Bass so low you got a lover from livin' it

Your funk will be unlocal 'cause this is global,

don’t be just be doin it just to get paid

Or just to be fakin' it to just get laid

don’t be afraid to take it to the stage

just look what we lost this millenium age

Michael Jackson, James Brown and Isaac Haze

Denny Berry, Lutha Lina Nina, JMJ and Rick James

We got to live up to the names.

Flyin from my home town

we just gonna get down


It’s Bootsy baby

Gotta have it.

You got to do it

Los Angeles, California ...

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