Boot Camp Clik

Boot Camp Clik - Let's Roll

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[Louieville Sluggah]

Aiyo, bank rolls, face swolls

BD Boys move, cause they know it dollars when I say so

Say no, if it ain't dough, right up front

Because you still got haters right up front

That's plottin' on the downfall, creepin' all around y'all

As soon as he jump up, I grip that pound sound off

Just trynna live this, back bone the business

BCC is the click and, y'all can't get with

Nothing them boys spitting

Cause y'all like female dogs --- bitches

So move when we come through, of course with a gun or two

So tell me now, what the fuck niggaz gonna do

H-E-NN-Y, pissy off shots of Hen', rockin' til I die

Nuts I bust off, if I bust off

Slugs I bust off, if they want war, what?

[Top Dog]

Up in the club, Top Dog, show me some love

I got my game face, gun in the place, blaze the place

With that yard weed, you know the god we remember that

You know we, ten second rolly, bum on the fat

[Chorus 2X: Tek (Starang Wondah)]

Hey ma, I'm hollerin', trynna see if you swallowin'

Hey ma, trynna pick out which ride you hoppin' in

I know you wanna ride, come on, let's roll

(Aiyo, I kow you wanna roll, come on, let's ride)


It's six fifty by the curb, and a fifty ya herb

Three sixties by the sixth fifty, that's by the curve

Number six on the throwback, Julius Irv'

Pound on 36 indites, for use and observe

[Starang Wondah]

These niggaz steppin' on the scene, MVP's of the team

Steppin' outta Yukon, like Alida Lamine, knawmean?

Starang Wondah, pickin' and crips

You know me, low key, bitch, lits on the spliff

Skinny nigga, I ain't got no time to exercise

Step to guys, motherfuckers lives is jeopardized

Y'all recognize


Yeah, we dead in the hood, but not dead in the hood

You know your boys boys, credit line is good

Can't afford to see your step, got torned, same as the lords

Sip clubs and smoke purple, like we won the playoffs

[Hook: Buckshot]

No matter what you go through

We gonna stick gonna together


Got on my Timb boots, car hard jeans too

Bulletproof vehicle, that's how we steam through

Ten to twenty niggaz deep with me, muggs rollin' the drugs

Bouncers wanna throw us out, but we ain't givin' a fuck

I'm 3 star general, who you?

Cowards wanna disrespect the God, screw you

Bet if I put the Smif-N-Wess', and to ya head and squeeze it

Kill all the beef, and send you to meet Jesus

Say y'all, rappers, can hate on

Waiting on my down fall, mad cause we stay strong

Most record labels too scared to deal with some real shit

Bet they all ride the dick when they feel this

Duck Down, bitch, you in Bucktown

Little homey playin' big man and got struck down

Ain't near motherfucker safe in this game we walkin'

Puttin' in work, til I'm layed in the coffin

Play hard strong, scrape y'all, thing on my waste y'all

Face off, BC, every thing we been through we still together

Keep sons on the block, guess to dead ya


Roll with me, ride with me

You can get dissed til ya side, or side with me

Whether it's raw or it's cooked beef, we serve fiends

Proteins in our hooks and beats, from the snow to the streets

Skeets of the rain, feet in the games

And every nigga eatin' the same, I can't quit

Drama then we handle it, cause any man'll flip with no prob'

Wanna play ball? Get ya squad

My shit is for niggaz behind bars, who do crime

Do time, and do time hard, play the yard

Lift heavy, get ready for the massacre

We came a long way after ya, I see them niggaz gashin'

Cause, you really ain't half the thug

You just an average nigga flappin' for love


[Chorus 2X]

[Louieville Sluggah]

Hey ma, I'm hollerin', trynna see if you swallowin'

You trynna pick out which ride ya hoppin' in

I know you wanna roll, come on, let's ride

I know you wanna ride, come on, let's roll

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