Boot Camp Clik

Boot Camp Clik - Let's Get Down 2 Bizness

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[Chorus: Buckshot]

Let's get down to business (say what?)

I think I'm gonna have to pay a visit

Beat to the ones that said I wouldn't get back

When I get back -- get back

Let's get down to business (say what?)

I think I'm gonna have to pay a visit

Beat to all y'all, this is for all y'all

Handle your biz, fall in, you fall off


I've been kicked, cut, jumped, stuffed

By record company exec's, schemin' on my bucks

These streets is rough, Timb's on my feet get scuffed

I hate to see my peeps get cuffed

As weed gets puffed, MC's get bluffed

A&R's get pressed, dj's get they shit bust

Bucktown, Duck Down Enterprise Record

Without distribution, dog, we still push records


I step to my business, man, strongarm my own crew

Rock with a group and a long tool

Peep the fore path, I been said the shit in the past

Let's go back in time, flip the hourglass

In 1998, I couldn't wait, to get all my niggaz

And do shows, from state to state

Even in 2000, two triple oh

I used to be the man, until my band got old

But I cannot fold, nor my paper thin

Get all my paper in, or I'mm lace ya chin


[Sean Price]

Know this B.I. thing, I be about it

The prophet is only logic

I'm like assassins from Elijah Muhammed

Get ya hands out my pocket, stop it

You can't have it, in Long Street

It can't happen on beat, let another label

Try to play me for cheap, I'm takin' this cheap

Trynna chase down paper, til the white display the heat

The devil may cry, that's for Cuba, I'm playin' for keeps

How my ends not gon' meet, at the end of the week

I'mma be the streets for ya, I can get the streets on ya

Give me the things, I can bang, plus I'm trained to get lower

That's the last time I seen a CEO and his lawyer

See my shit tight, and I don't stack 5 feet taller

[Starang Wondah]

Yo, niggaz gossip quick to pop shit

Actin' like they pop shit, really not shit, yo

Muthafuckers try to say I changed, man

I'mma trynna change from Lex to Range

Don't look strange, trynna say that I ain't the same

Y'all niggaz know about Starang, the same nigga

From the white building up the block

Who used to be the hype man, for Ruck and Rock

Who knew the number to them bitches that can suck some cock

Got in the beef, had thugs that'll bust them shots

My vocals make me more than bi-coastal

You local, I get this dough like I'm suppose to

Make riches that's far from social

Hear these words, when we approach you

[Top Dog]

You keep our business alone

You keep our business, in mind, your own

Niggaz fuckin' with the feds, they got me fed up

Fuck keepin' it real, just keep ya head up

Damn if I smoke the weed to keep me dead up

Niggaz fuckin' with lens, that'll get them set up

Bucktown is the shit, so nigga shut up

Fuck parkin' the whip, just keep it reved up

Niggaz needin' the fifth, to keep a leg up

Niggaz bustin' they shit to big they set up


[Sean Price]

Aiyo, let's get down to business

Let's get pound with this shit, get that dough

Slap a nigga, dude be like, yo why you do that for?

Same reason I slap the other two, tic-tac-toe

Fuck around, and jump out the ride with the big black foe

Pop you in the face, and leave you with a big black hole

Every time I fuckin' rhyme, you always get that flow

Fuck you, I'm past that, ditch that flow

Heard you performin' at what, niggaz, skip that show

Nigga ---

[Hook 2X: Buckshot]

Who we be, we be Boot Camp Clik

Click, click, in the night


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