Boo Hewerdine

Boo Hewerdine - Lazy Heart

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I've got a lazy heart

Can't make it do a thing

Won't go to church on Sundays

I've never heard it sing

No matter what I do

Can't make my heart want you

I've got a lazy heart

Sleeps when the morning comes

Sleep through an earthquake

Walk and never run

I don't know what to say

It's always been that way

My lazy heart and I

Are hostage to the moon

And winter's far too long

And summer ends too soon

Goddamn my lazy heart

It's dumb as an ox I know

Won't go to work on Mondays

Just can't make it go

Whatever's to be done?

My heart cannot be won

I'm not the one to blame

So please don't make me choose

Between a living lie

And the I'm so sorry blues

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