Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Wildin

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You need some reefa we smokin that bomb bay

You need some liquor we pourin it all day

Lookin for drama my niggas be wildin'

Guess who just stepped in the club

Them niggas that still don't give a thuggish ruggish mothafuck

We come to party, some of my partners come to fuck it up

Stuff em, turn the fuckin music up

Get it crunk, nigga what

Fill up on my niggas cup

Watch out for security, cause we bout to blaze the doob up

Let's smoke and burn, choke the herb

So come on ride the train, you should ride it

Make sure you bring your Mary Jane, and personal lighter

We keep that fire, fire baby, baby

Krayzie, faded, we blaze shit all day

When we rumble, uh oh

We just like animals out the jungle

Make em fall, collapse, stumble, and fumble, just like drunk hoes

Biz got the extra green and nicotine and Krayzie off that sin

Me and Wish just got to the club

And man they better let us in

Cause we got cheese to spend

And I know they really don't want no trouble

My heat get double double or we got get on a hustle

And it ain't no party like a Bone Thug party

Cause a Bone Thug party get wild

Get foul in the crowd like do that what?

Do that shit right now

We the same damn niggas, sellin yayo, sippin 40s

Wearin khakis with the timbs on, mothafuckas know the story

We can't leave rap alone, the game need us

Think you can handle us or beat us, come on cleatus

Mess up that drank you drankin

Puff on that weed you smokin

My niggas ain't never jokin

And I came to get you open off this weed...

Coke & Henny and I'm feelin irie

Wanna try me, pussy nigga die, we

Slide up in the club, ready, collide

Wanna get wild, hey, highly

Intoxicated, Fucked up that firy

Dirty rotten

Glock in the back, and please believe it

Watchin you niggas hold Jesus

What is the secret, what is the reason

Clutchin my metal trinkets

Wish bring the pain for these niggas

Please believe it

I'm a drink, I'm a smoke

When I hit the club I'm in the back door

Bringin no problems

But if you want em we can dance ho

Higher, higher, put a little henn in that cris

It'll make you righter nicer

Drunk as fuck but don't get it twisted

I will light cha, fight cha

In the middle of the party

With a hundred thugs right by me

And you don't wanna try me

What I got to lose

And I'm mad as fuck comin out they shoes, move

Bring your own smoke

And your own drink, that's thug's rules foo

Thanks to J BON3Z for these lyrics

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