Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Vegas

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It ain't my fault (let's do it, let's do it)

We had too many drinks baby (let's do it, let's do it)

Got you dancin on the bar (let's do it, let's do it)

Let's take this party to my hotel suite (let's do it, let's do it)


<i>[Layzie Bone]</i>

We're streamin live online for the world to see

It ain't me young G, your girl all on me

She chose me when she seen your boy buy out the bar

Told her, "Drink 'til you drop lil' superstar"

Better chill, be cool homie grab a drink

Cause you don't wanna play big bank take little bank

We at The Palms where it ain't no drama

Hugh Hef' thugged out wearin Layzie pajamas

House coat, pure silk, party hard for days

Pretty girls up in here wearin Lay-gerie

It's my brand new line, hot damn you fine

Picture perfect from behind sippin a glass of wine



I'm in the limosine bus, black tint windows

Smashin on the diesel, head-rush from the indo

Vegas - they say what goes on there stays

If you really tryin to gamble shake 'em up and roll my way

Nobody rock the way a Bone Thug show

We get it in overtime but they already know

Break out the money then we headed for the exit (exit)

Ain't no tellin what we 'bout to get next in (next in)

I'm on my tip-toes, steady I be floatin

Coastin holdin somethin that I'm sippin on slow (slow)

I ain't tryin to pass out overdosed

and fuck around wake up in the mornin naked on the flo'


<i>[Krayzie Bone]</i>

I'm finna hit it like Kray Jackson tonight (Kray Jackson tonight)

I'm finna get it hype, Lay let me get a light

Bartender, let me get a shot of Henny, make it double

Mix a lil' Gin with it, gon' get me on the level

I see you girl, lookin at me, lookin at you

Feelin your drink, and feelin me too

It's the physical attraction baby, what can we do?

She want a little thug passion, roughness, harassment

Drink a little mo', while I drink a little Mo'

Let's get tipsy and forget where these feelings is finna go

To the room - that's where I'm tryin to guide 'em to

And yo I roll with them, but I can ride with you (with you, with you, with you)


<i>[Wish Bone]</i>

Gucci bag full of cash, black card and all

Hood star, never gonna hate they love us, Bone's stacked

Table full of drinks from the bar, come closer

Make our way through, top shelf and we're blowin

Don't worry 'bout your business gettin out there girl

Come here, grown man, put some thug in yo' ear

You're drop-dead gorgeous, sip 'til we nauseous

And then we're gonna bounce, bounce, shake 'em

Room with a pool just one rule, get naked

Yeah you got a girl, your deadline's extended

One more drink to the face let's play

We can reminisce it over pancakes - ha ha ha!


<i>[Bizzy Bone]</i>

Women in the club, they focusin on the gentleman

(We in Vegas, we 'bout to kick it nigga)

We hit the dance floor, dance floor, dance floor

Take it to the medic, pack liquor to where we headed

You could read it right before that they set it to end the rhetoric

The veteran, the gentleman, the warrior, the better man

And Bizzy's just a thug gettin fucked up, get it?

Safe sex, never ever with the same sex (eww)

Yeah we at Vegas (hey) spend it like wild Roulette

Free drinks, hundred thousand dollar chips

Leanin back in the whip in the night-life strip


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