Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Our Streetz

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What the hell is goin onnnnn?

(These are our blocks, these are our hoods, these are our streets)

It's a war zone in the poor zone, we chasin after the fortune

In the belly of the beast is scorchin, little kids is forced to tote guns

We so numb it's like fo-fum, bloody redrum for the income

Refusin to be a victim, we do it and take it and then some

Tryna get out, and give back, the government givin us no slack

They double up on our taxes, send us to jail because we sell crack

But them airplanes been flyin, since Reagan was the president

Was evident, seem irrelevant, what's the relevance to your precedence

Let us live, quit willie lynchin, Layzie Bone got the heart to mention

The reason we live in attention, cause the po-po a gang of henchmen

Who resistin, quit trippin, I'm just tryin to earn a livin

Tryin to go up against the system, keepin my ass up out of prison

Listen, you younger niggaz, you got to have vision

If you see it you can read it, Jesus died for the vision

But the vision is to walk with swag, hold your head and walk in brag

Never let 'em make you mad, rep yo' set and get the cash

Emergin from the cig' butt, showin up, comin up

Barbecues by the pool, the neighbors can't believe it's you

Livin how you will, house up on the hill

Rides with big wheels, it's they worst nightmare

Gimme mines right here, dark skin, curly hair

Soul man, African-American

I don't mind your kid starin at my dude, dancin to my tunes

It don't matter cause we set the trend for everything they do

Put the road to the wheel, put the fire in your meal

Took the dog from your wife, put the log in her life

Now it's all about you get it cause yo' shit real light

We the ones that keep it poppin and got the whole world vibin

You wanna get in our minds, cause we got the perfect timin

to build a whole new world, take my gold and my diamonds

But it's okay cause I'm rhymin, chasin this money and grindin

Up the ladder I'm climbin - and you can clock me as I roll by!

Whaaaaaat's goooooo-ing onnnnn

(Gotta know what's goin on, better know what's goin on)

(Gotta know what's goin on, better know what's goin on)

Innnnnn thiiiiiis, worrrrrrld

(Gotta know what's goin on, better know what's goin on)

(Gotta know what's goin on, better know what's goin on)

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