Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - No.1 Assassin

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Stop, everybody, what's that sound?

AK-47, so ya better hit the ground

Stop, everybody, what's that sound?

AK-47, so get the fuck down!


Well it's the #1 Assassin

Provin' a point to many people

Some claim to be assassins

But to Bone there is no equal

And Bone will stand alone

And buck down any other sucka

Me quick to pull me gun

And straight up kill that muthafucka

You never can know when Bone'll ?

Commit the one eighty-seven

'Cause all I can see is cockin'

The nine and sendin' you straight to Heaven

You're dead on the dot, so fuck a blood clot

You know I'm expectin' to win this

So give 'em up, chump. I beatin' you down

To survive, survival of the fittest

No one can last. I'm beatin' your ass

I'm quicker to blast. I'm keepin'

The cash including the stash

So I will be killing you quick in a flash, come down

And it's a shame how I will kill without hesitation

Me load me clip, me fingers slip

Now that's the assassination

So pick up the body and tie it to bricks

Go dump it in the river

I'm letting you know that Bone is no ho

You never catch me shiver

So, don't try to trip, you're getting a blast

Some shit that's everlasting

You had a run-in, and now you're done-in by the #1 Assassin



Now see me hypin' 'em up and strikin' 'em

Keepin 'them doper than the rest

'Cause Layzie Bone is an assassin

Puttin' a bullet to your chest

You're caught. Me watch ya bleed

Now you may say that me sick

If you a bitch, me slap you down

And fuck you up with the dick

Because the villainous killer

I'm chillin' now with your girl on me dick, uh

The slimmer the nigga the quicker

The trigger unloads on your shit

'Cause I be hype when I'm on the set

Squeezin' the trigger, then me break

It's murder she wrote, the reason me broke

So please don't test me fate

Layzie Bone will pull me gun, don't consider it strange

That reggae man who's on the scene

With the mind that's deranged, uh

The shit that me be doin' is like far beyond the usual

Rockin the mic or takin' a life

I still kick funky musical

Bone will grab a bitch and bone

That bitch till she bleeds, uh

The weapon is kept in up in me pants

Me givin' her what she needs

For y'all niggas on me dick

Me will be buck buck buck buck blastin'

'Cause Layzie Bone is the #1 Assassin



Now Layzie Bone is comin' again

Me smokin' them niggas like dope

And when me load me clip it's like (imitates gun noise)

Me swift you slit your tongue, me lickin' a lyrics when me drunk

Buck you down with me handgun, then me goin'

In me trunk for me pump for that redneck copper always on me dick

So me forced to grab the pump and let the fucker go click

So me peelin' off his cap 'cause I'm not down for goin' to prison

Me poprrring the clip, 'cause it's a bullet that me give 'em

Me poprrr his head to keep him dead to keep 'em off me back

Me set it off, count the money in stacks 'cause Bone is here to attack

Me stumbled around, me fumbled around, to keep it at a flow

Me kickin' ass. You feel me blast from me forty-fo

But don't you fuck with me 'cause Tony Tone got me back

And Krayzie Bone is steppin' in with the ultimate jackin'

With the AK-47, Wish is buck buck buck buck blastin'

'Cause Layzie Bone is the #1 Assassin


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