Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Guess Who'S Back

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Guess who's back........Guess who's back.......Guess who's back.........Guess

who's back.......


Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes, wickedest


Hook-Lareece & Krayzie

Bone Thugs back, and ya gonna be in trouble...(Guess who's back)


We keep it comin, gotta rep for the midwest, Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish,

breakin in the prison...gotta FREE FLESH, finna drop another bomb, figure we

would hit em with a little of a rhyme, comin back up finna get em with another

plan of rhythm makin, everywhere we give em where my folk at in the land, they

wanna get a rhythm, try to keep up with me, come on, thirty million sold, said

I'll joust that ass, now what about that, listen to the different shit that

every other rapper wanna sang, huh, who that came from, talkin bout Bone fell

off, say what, they bust just us, they ain't even knowin that they dealin with

the residents, they don't give it to us so we gone take it, so you can run tell

everybody Bone Thugs back up on the scene, for the green, hey, I'm still




Now tell me how many thugs get down like us, and still harmonize like the great

Temptations, sit back, look back, came in the game, came right back....with no

hesitation, put up ya money, ya honey, whatever ya got, we won't lose, put up

or shut up, you're slapped in front of ya dawgs and all ya dudes, cause I'm a

smarter thug, once born and been a thug, what, he think heat gonna do

somethin, don't let the money fool ya though, don't let the money do ya cause

it ain't really bout nothing, ya front so much they gone let ya in, that's

that, they gone show ya who ya messin with, that's why it's art of war in this

rap game, gotta give it hard and let em know what they dealin with.....



Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes, wickedest



In the middle of the concrete jungle, we can do it, we can rumble, take it to

the streets, let the whole world crumble, all I ever seen was heavy smoke in

the air, got em bustin off shots, they just don't care, neither want amageddon,

all I see is bloody mess, niggaz want cheese, but I know they gone test us,

thugs comin back to bring the thug essence, thugs comin back to bring the thug

blessings, for the Lord we gone fight to win, I'ma fight with my pen and get

all hyped again, tell the Bone Thug story on the mic again, and if a nigga

still hatin, I'll pipe again, like I did before, crept...crept and I came,

remember four more niggaz that was down foe they thang, never been afraid to

let my nuts hang, how ya think Bone made it to the top of the game.....



Fully automatic loaded, remy martin feel my potion, coastin on freeways, keep

rollin til we hit the ocean, motion on freeways, bottle bustin on niggaz

boastin, papi cholo, solo well where my pistol smokin, pull up and pop a bitch,

nigga is you tokin, tokin, totin my guns now, got you people open now, these

niggaz is into me, shots up in they body, never was friends to me, pass me the

Hennessey, hey!



Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes....

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