Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Candy Paint

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Woo yea, yea,

Excuse me, is that candy paint?

Them Bone Boys is back



Rollin, rollin, roliin

Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin

Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin

Hey keep rollin, rollin, rollin

What you say?

I I I I I LOhuhuhuhuVE you

My Impala sittin on them two fours

I I I I I LOhuhuhuhuVE you

My Cutlas with them suicide doors

Move out my way

Move outout

Nigga move out my way

Move out my way

Wait a minute now

Hold a second now

Wait a minute now


Here come grandaddy alway classin ain't no nigga badda than that

they know i'm gangsta 24 on my black caddilac

And as a matter of fact, flipped it and dipped it in some candy paint

suckas get mad cause they cain't

Your boy Lil Layzie comin through all in that black Monte Carlo

I'm swtichin lanes, givin lanes like it ain't no tomorrow

Ima tryna get around cars with no regards for this traffic

look how i yank it, yea i yank it makin it look like it's magic

If you see that dash strong ya know what to do, ya know what to do, ya know what to do

We was fittin to roll not gon let me roll ?? watchin for them popos mashin down that 71

Stomp it bash it with my 350 rocket, Cutlas

white on white it's tight from bumper to bumper can't touch this

For a little for juice i supercharge it

yea his rides tight but ain't tight like mine cause we workin on different ??

I swing my doors open, my doors open

my niggas out in Cleveland swing them doors open, doors open

Big bumps, big bumps big trunks

Try to let off take it to the other side

lets get high, pimpin while i'm deep into my vibe

I'ma come with the cleanest I ain't gon be seen with these niggas don't know who the team is

I love that i breath with Swizz and Bone, nigga that's who

we is

Whatever the purpose it's Full Surface what chu call architects

to hard to check and if you don't move we startin shit

Gotta have it nigga my weapon is automatic nigga

nigga stepped his game up when he came up should have thought about it nigga

Cause these 24 inches spinnin is usually good for makin they heads twirl

just try to be nigga when i journey this world

Switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes, pimpin, switchin lanes

We rollin through your hood like Bone Thug

and i doubt if we ever need a gangbang it's because

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