Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - A Thug Nation Soldier Conversation (skit)

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([Machine:] this recorded call is from an inmate at a California State

Correctional Facility)

[Krayzie Bone:] So what you doing to stay on point hommie

[Flesh-n-Bone:] You know when i aint reading i'm writing my lyrics you no doing,

you know work on these lil keyboards if i aint doin that i'm studing, studing

up on this, on my religion all Islam, you know try'n to be the best Muslim i

can be

[Krayzie Bone:] I know you done had to knock you a motherf***er out now huh

[Flesh-n-Bone:] yeah i had to knock me a nigga out one time, that was the last

you know, once you, once you get that spice out the way all the rest of them

just move aside and wont test you after that but g i had to knock a big nigga

out once

[Krayzie Bone:] so what you needing right now hommie

[Flesh-n-Bone:] what i'm needing right now

[Krayzie Bone:] What you needing the most you know what i'm sayin like what the

most shit on yo mind right now

[Flesh-n-Bone:] aaw man to hold my wife you know what i'm say'm to kick it with

my babies but you know i need to but you know i can't do none of that right now

so you know you know basically you know you know while you up in here there

aint to much you gone be needing you know what i'm say'n to keep the books fat

[Krayzie Bone:] I know you been in that mothaf***er writing and you came up with

some s*** huh

[Flesh-n-Bone:] definitly, writing all kind of, know what i'm say'n i got to stay

fresh up on the you know this is what i do this is what i was born to do, so

yall know, man yall come on man yall know i gotta stay fresh up you know the

flesh gone be flesh you know i gotta come i gotta stay wicked like the stack

suppose to

[Krayzie Bone:] tell me the main s*** you want these mothaf***ers to know out here

[Flesh-n-Bone:] for one for one when i get back there on the mic with my doggs

there see what i'm say'n you see what i'm sayin we gonna be a force all ways

the regular way

[Krayzie Bone:] you came up with some hot s*** huh

[Flesh-n-Bone:] i'm gettin tighter and tighter every day you know what i'm say'n

i i'm still you know you know i'm gettin buff see what i'm say'n my chest is

like kind of stiking out there you know what i'm say'n so what it comes to

rhym'n on the mic i'm lil bit quicker and swifter so you know you know man you

know we just gone be a force to reken wit when i get out of there

[Krayzie Bone:] so what you got planned when you get out hommie

[Flesh-n-Bone:] go straght to work i'm goin to work i'm workin none stop i aint

no joke no bull in my game i'm goin to work i aint gone stop workin sun up to

sun down i'm workin i'm goin to work thats all i'm doin

[Krayzie Bone:] ay man hold on for a minute let me see if i can get the rest of

the fellas on line

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