rate me

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

Tryin this on for size, grow up broke,

standing in the cold with a hole in your coat

Stay next door to a woman that smoke a whole pack cigarettes

with the a hole in her throat

My mama in church, high off hope, my uncle in trap, my aunt on dope

my cousin went to school so she could be a writer, met a nigga with some money and thats all she wrote

And here I am, running these streets

tryin to find a bit of my identity

Meanwhile every other nigga I know gettin money ridin in a drop top like Kennedy

F*cking with the young girls I like I could be a hater

But it ain’t my right, I could go and f*ck with the big booty girl

But the whole hood hit her and she ain’t my type

I came from the bottom, like it or not

They'll put a gun to you if they like what you got

And they might break, but they don’t bend, they don’t talk that’s not the trend

But that’s not news, so ya'll don’t know, it ain’t yo boat so ya'll don't row

You gotta pay attention to be up on this and why would ya'll ever pay what ya'll don't owe.

And why would ya'll ever give a f*ck about me

And why would I ever give a f*ck about y'all,

there’s no need to smell I know I’m a shit

and where I come from nigga shit don’t stall

and where I come from nigga you can rah rah rah pot shit all day but that don't harm me

you gone stop who, you and what army

See, thing is you only have to fuck up once

be a little slow, be a little late

just once

and how you aint never be slow, never be late?

you cant plan for no shit like this man

this is life

Came up broke the game was fixed

but how you’re gonna win if you don’t play

They say be humble, that's some .. shit

how you’re gonna be the man if you don’t say

I shall not stop or reconsider

or call in favors i don't waiver

I even though I bring your hunger to a hault

with food for thought nigga I don’t cater

I don’t talk ‘cause I just can

Wont let a nigga disrupt my plan

wont let a nigga disrupt my paper

I’ma get money till I meet my maker

Talk my shit kick back on on acers

... back on Lakers

Walk away in the end with all that money like Idris and Paul at the end of takers

Who's the judge

<i>Judge is god</i>

And why is he god

<i>because he decides who wins or looses not my opponent</i>

and who is your opponent

<i>he doesn't exist</i>

and why doesn't he exist

<i>He is merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak</i>

thats right speak the truth

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