BOBBY CREEKWATER - I Thought You'd Never Ask

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I’m the only one I use to know nigga

I used to always say we never win

But that’s amaze how it .. take some new .. yeah

They say don’t know what you got until it’s long gone

But now I’m long gone I wonder if they know

and I’ve been doping though,

all time for spitting that shit but they didn’t quite get it

I wonder if they slow .. the bridge I’m so over with ..

Ground like my girl bout to show a b*tch tryin to get the same

Look for media to over get ..I’m competition..the beach

..Till my mama say I got a preach ego is out of reach

So don’t f*ck with me just listen to me

‘cause talking when I’m talking like this I miss .. about the ..

I thought you’d never ask.

I really don’t f*ck with these guys

I told the 34 swag these guys yeah

me I wonder how you can look in these eyes

..i come through .. f*ck with these guys

..everything’s good there could be great

My cousin doing five there could be eight

..or somebody open out .. these rappers

I’m tryin stay alive ..or somebody ..text break

I open to myself to realize every dream

and ..between every scene so kind of find ..

your home boys ain’t .. shit for you

the same niggas might as well do something to you

you niggas ain’t .. probably ... f*cking with the niggas

I thought you’d never ask.

I am not me I am Sissy .. now walk around this b*tch like I’m tiffy toe

I talk a model b*tch is she don’t with draw

I’m a .. player so they give me my f*ck the motha ..

the real shit go get it from my blow

.. I knew you’d ask that, I knew you’d ask that

I knew you’d ask that.

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