rate me

I want it out now i might not need it later

Niggers come around as if they are doing me a favor

Bitches come around as if I got a chick for them

And give it up and wonder why I got no respect for them

I said I am .. with the attention they are getting money

And even though it’s bullshit is actually quite funny

Even in the night time .. is quite sunny.. fuck about my life dummy

Riding with the wrong crowd for the right money

You know that facebook twitter .. money

I promise momma I will go as far as football goes

Not I am trying to get the google o-s

I am just trying to bash .. do it in store

Pull up in the ear thing nigger in zone

… to me over only .. blow my .

You see I need these bad bitches to cheer for me

If you are artist in the art .. ill for me

It’s been a long time since I have been dedicated

If you can’t respect that you have been medicated

I am … cause I know it’s going down nigger .. where you found nigger

Bow when you are in my presence I am the one

Game of thrones and I am sitting in the only sit

No crown and I am shitting where you put your shit

I am embarrassed by the .. new bravery they sold out like .. black slavery

Nigger cut your ..and go walk it out I am the hope Obama was talking about

People feel my success in their soul

Cause my words originate from purity untold

All the money on the world can’t change a true nature

I speak forward I know most will follow later

Your career might need a make up

I am Canadian but .. meet Jamaica

We were raised a little differently

.. long after any conflict if I felt it …

I am feeling like Mohamed in the ten .. expire before the time

Keep ringing the bell .. and wish you well

.. you can say the rest later

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Thanks to feel

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