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(ft Stat Quo Sonny Moon)

All in universe can’t pass the earth

talking ..they money worth raised in the church ..

Nicky for that ..worth

So sweet ..pancakes for here work

she wanna ball life flags on term

Cause use in stacks and i’m purse

My game in reverse word till this verse

and it must put that ass, put that p**sy in the horse

take my pipe ..double rose zig zag

you’re smoking she sayin ..

i got nothing for low for this hoes

nigga that’s lumber talk btu never slumber

bottle up my motions taking shots in the thunder

son of the summer that makes nature my mama

so in her honor i take trips out of space

class in the lions smile in my face

pitches full of worldwide watch em all take shake

i used to ask to .. now I’m on my own glass

with plenty fool on my play


I am the captain of this ride

you will not tell me what you like

you will not tell me what you like

so you seat and click and sip

you .. don’t reclaim

hello darling come in seat

and el tem show you how i make rip

make history make money not at all make sense

f*ck me believe if it’s dead make it breathe

make the who am come to get no hair

make a lead but now she have a place like .. on the ..

.. if you say some shit

So people don’t agree it so take a way from the fact that i’m ..

Or pardon me i’m .. crib than nigga used to be side

Shady and they say i got drop

Well that’s a lie

Compare no drop and bit yellow don’t f*ck the rappers

And i don’t stop

I sip the pay the pitchin nigga i don’t stop

I ..the picture and i don’t crap i don’t settle

I do tell nothing is f*ck you pay me

I’m so .. in rabble battle to the meddle

and it’s mother f*cking coop

bumpin at the middle ‘cause it’s rapers full of ..

eyah from the .. over river shit

i’m just a nigga with a gift


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