Bobby Bland

Bobby Bland - This Time I'm Gone For Good

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I shoulda stayed gone<br />

When I left before<br />

Cause you do me wrong<br />

When we're together<br />

<br />

But I keep coming back<br />

Oh, Lord, for more<br />

<br />

[CHORUS]<br />

When I leave this time<br />

Whoa, Lord, make sure<br />

It's understand that<br />

This time, I'm gone for good<br />

<br />

Many times I've left you<br />

But I couldn't stay away too long<br />

Thank God for the strength<br />

That he gave to me to leave home<br />

And still be strong<br />

<br />

[Repeat CHORUS]<br />

<br />

It's been warm outside<br />

But for me, but for me<br />

There's been no sunshine<br />

So hard for me to leave<br />

But I finally made up my mind<br />

<br />

[Repeat CHORUS]<br />

<br />

This time, baby, Lord<br />

I'm not gonna let you<br />

Worry me no more<br />

And this time, baby<br />

Don't even say nothing to me<br />

<br />

Oh, Lord, bye, bye, baby

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