B.O.B - Love Life lyrics

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(Hook: Sevyn Streeter)

Luv the way you're living baby, neva want to waste yo time

Luv it when ya touch my body, makes me want to give ya mine

It's so wrong, but it feels so right

Cuz I luv this feelin', and I luv this life

Said I luv this life, life, yeah

(Verse: B.o.B)

This is craziness, addicted to the pain of luv and hate relationship

Or can I break I heart or can we argue breaking shit?

I guess I take the fault for what my occupation is

The more the money come the more bizarre the day can get, bizarre the day can get

It cost bread to join the game but even more to escape the shit

I see calculated cowards taking calculated risks

This the art or making music or the art of fakin' shit?

This the truth, I give these boys the blues this is proof

But it's nothin' they can tell me

It's nothin' they can do to take my touch away, take my luv away

I play to win, backstage

First we say the prayer, then we say amen, bands!


(Verse 2: B.o.B)

This is craziness, this is craziness

Save the money befo' I make it, neva learn to wait for shit

Tryin' to pack a stadium, ya tryin' to catch the latest trends

The line between the good and bad is paper thin

Goodness gracious, I might have enemies in high places

They so famous, but can't keep up with how my mind races

How I'm stepping on these niggas like I've got my own rep

Nigga be or make yo make-up hater, salutations to the haters

JUst the dudes, ya say what's up with me, what's up with ya?

It's nothin' they could tell me, it's nothin' they can do to take my touch away, to take my luv away

I play to win, swagger Woodstock status, guess that's why they call me bands, bands!


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