B.O.B - Joburg lyrics

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You're all dressed up, and nowhere to be

Like beatin' drums, your heart neva sleeps

We've been dancin' all night, dancin' machine

From the club to the floor, to your limousine

Oh oh oh


I luv all your nuances, I luv all your nuances

Forgive me if I'm too honest girl that booty if humongous baby you must do lunges

And up top two congas, girl you rarer than a blue comet

I'ma, keep it a million like 2 commas

I want to beat it up like Ali, Muhammad

Girl you're too dope, you're too chronic, you keep it 200

Two piece, that's two freaks, that's two gins and two tonics

Who run it, No Genre you dumby

She luv the whole crew so she payed the crew homage

Smellin' like new money, new money

KL to Joburg we just played a few countries

Get out your seat hit the floor put your groove on it girl



What you lookin' fo'?

Party girl, you want it girl

You run yo mouth, not hookin' up

And put it down we goes deep

What you really bout?

(Verse 2)

One time, hit you with it one time

No strings attached but you tongue tied

Give me my guitar g string I'mma strum

She gon' need a salon, but I gots one dive

Ayy back it up city rum dry

She going to get deep like the dumb kind

She brought a little tree like bonsai

She gon' learn today, im the alumni

Ayy shes a drug that I've taken so much of

So much of I could barely get a buzz off a pub

A puff ain't enough, lookin' for a substance to touch

Or a substance to up in this club!

Heat it up till you blush

Feel the rush feel the rush

Is it luv is it lust? I'll be the judge

Give ya body a rub


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