B.O.B - Have Nots lyrics

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We are the have-nots who never had nothin'

But learned to make sumethin', out of never havin' nothin' at all

And ya could have it all and feel ya neva need nothin'

But he who loves nothin' will never have nothin' at all


And ya could be a superstar

But still feel like an outlaw

And never need nothin' at all

But still have an empty heart


When me and my sister was literally playing in dirt

I can still see the smile on her face, in my head I can still see the mud on my shirt

Fucking freezin' my ass off at night with this match, tryin' to get this little fire to work

And my mom just got fired from work, and meanwhile we was getting evicted

Our livin' condition was not ideal but sum' kind of way we learned

That growin' up poor don't make ya real

They don't want to see us happy, they just sell us Happy-Meals

So we throw these records on, it's the only thing that has appeal

And the sadness disappears, so what's up with us

What to do with us, they don't know what to do

All they can do is call us thugs till they need they problem solve

Need sumeone to run they club

He who doesn't love what he has will never have enough, bandz!



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