BLUE - Special lyrics

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Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah

I know you’ve been working hard

Nine to five

The world been braking you down

Just know you’re not alone

So what you waiting for?

Tonight I’m taking you out


Get yourself ready, let’s hit the town

Get a lil old school brake you down

We can dance all night


Ooh baby, work it, on it, you got something special

They don’t want it, yeah

But you belong to me

If you can see throw my eyes

The perfect women I describe it’s you


Cuz you got something special to me

You do something special to me

You don’t have to be insecure

The night is roll, losin’ all of the doubts

Yeah, cuz I know you gonna be the one

Just stand out in the cloud

(Bridge) + (Hook)

Ooh you do something special to me x 2

I won’t quick on you ‘til you believe

Ooh, ooh

(Hook x 2)

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