BLUE - Hang On In There Baby lyrics

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Miles when we corest, a kiss so warmer tender

I can’t wait ‘til we rich, that’s the moment I surrender

We’ll hear the thunder roar

Feel the lightening track

Out will ball on that side, toniht


Hang on in there baby

Hang on in there darling

I’m gonna get you more, than you think it’s possible

Don’t be afraid baby

Sweet virgin of the world

We can help on making

Because it’s true love between us girl

So let us touch that cloud

Ooh we almost there, darling we true when makin’ love

Hang on in there baby

Please don’t let me down,

Please don’t destroy this new joy we found


What’s now baby?

What’s that you say?

Something deep in you it’s about to get away

Nobody baby, can better open up the door

Cuz that’s the key for the freedom that both been working for

[Let it go baby, let it go honey

Ooh right now, right there

Baby don’t you move, don’t’t you dare] x 2


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