BLUE - Flashback lyrics

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I know,

Now it always seems like yesterday

When the dreams I had were all wrapped up in you

Man, it’s funny how much a laugh could change

But something never leave your heart it’s truth

Uuh right out of nowhere

Uuh, I hear that song again

(Pre - Hook)

And then I flash back, suddenly I’m with you

I know that I never had a love so true

And in that moment everything hit so had

I’m broken, tryna to get over you


I was walking around and my chest apart

Speeding my steps and inclining my eyes

I was over you, so over you

So it go round and around and around my head

These simple words that I should’ve say

Should I let you know but I let you go


Do you know how much you meant to me

If I could turn back time, I’d tell you everyday

Uuh, this wasn’t how it was ment to be

And deep inside my heart I still feel the pain

Uuh I don’t wanna go there

They’re playing that song

They’re playing that song again

(Pre - Hook) + (Hook)


I try so hard to hide it, keep it all locked up inside

Still I can’t forget you, no matter how hard I try

(Pre - Hook) + (Hook)

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