BLUE - Endless Love lyrics

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The first time I saw you, I never thought I will get you

You look so amazing but you was beautiful deep inside

Needed to know you, I needed you in my life

Something inside me told me there’s my future bright


So I’m all down, don’t on my knees, free to the answer

What it could be? My heart in the voe, and you hold the key

I wanna give you of me


Don’t you know, you’re so beautiful

It couldn’t be too much to ask

For your endless love

Don’t you know you’re all I need and more

It couldn’t be too much to ask

For your endless love


I wake up this morning

As tehe luckiest man alive

It’s been like ten years and you’re still by my side

I gotta be honest, I see a children in your eyes

And thinking sometime now

Bu you should be, you should be my wife

(Bridge) + (Hook)


I’m standing at the altar and I have mercy

Walking from the ilad in that white dress

You smile and look at me

Now I can hardly breath, yeah baby

We take the rings and now it’s time for us to take the vow in a moment

Now we really do deserve this now

And I can really cry as he sais “kiss the bride”

(Bridge) + (Hook)

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