BLOODS & CRIPS - Wish You Were Here

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Pour out some liquor for the niggas who ain't here

I miss all my homies and everyday I hold back tears

From Junebugg to Tim, B.G. Lunch and Lil' Blackjack

?? Loc, Scatter Brains, C-Money, Lil' Beep-Beep and T-Black

You know you got love, from the Kelly you rounded with

We wish you was here but I just can understand it

K's up to my niggas lyin' permanently in the sleep

I never forget you cause Kelly love runs deep



This day: Friday, June 10th

This day we buried my motherfuckin' dog

Y.G. Hen you know I'm sayin'

Five Line homeboy, we love you dog


Peace to the motherfuckin' Ace, the motherfuckin' Duece and the Four

B-H-I-P to the homie Fangs-Fang, O.B

Young Hammer, T.C., T.I., Scoop, Deep

T-Spoon, Lil' Jay, Chilly Bun, O.G. Scrap

O.G. Ray Boy, Meat Loaf and Love Boy Pico


Yeah, I dream all dreams cause some dreams just don't come true

To all my niggas Drivin' In Peace

Monte Long, Ride, Dynasty Dave

Big Mil, B.G. Mark, Big, B.G. Devil

Kelly, Kim

To my nigga Lil' Cee, Big Grim and Vapooh

Ronald, Tana, Fancy

To that nigga Warren

All y'all Drive In Peace


May the 13th

Felt kinda hard to share

My nigga Lil' Kash straight disappeared

I remember at the side we used to kick up dust

Smokin' gang of bud, fuck a gang of sluts

So I ?? just this last tear and I sip the 'yak

To keep you in memory I put your name on my back

Weirdo In Peace Lil' Kash

We love you homie

Never forget you dog

Blue Dough Rest In Peace


What's up Cuzz, this is B.G. Scarface from Atlantic Drive Compton Crip gang

I only give it up for my homeboys who Drivin' In Peace

My homeboy Dynasty Dave, my homeboy Hulk

Mark, Milford, Monte, Devil, Warren, Rowdy and Benson

And my homies from South Side

Lil' Cee, Vapooh, Big Grim ?? Rest In Peace

I only give a shout out to my homeboy B-Jay from N-Hood Rest In Peace

My homeboy Lil' Bee from Kelly Park, Rest In Peace

Lil' Sicc from South Side, Rest In Peace

Lil' Cyco from Carver Park, Rest In Peace

Lil' Jay from Spook Town, Rest In Peace

Lil' ?? from Grape Street, Rest In Peace

And I can't forget about my buddy Lil' Eighty Buff from West Side Nutty

The B.G. Scarface and my homeboy B.G. Devil, Drive In Peace, Cuzz

See you when I get there


Last but not least some WOOP WOOP for Back Down Mafia/Lanes

Pourin' out some brew for the M.I.P. crew

Bazzarro, Stacy, Jackie and Uncle Bee-Bee

Red Eyez, Rampage, Spike, Sneak

D-Wag, G-Nutt straight Bickin' In Peace

Much love to you niggas from Lil' Hawk Y.G

And to this day

Shit ain't been the same

And four menace to the homies in jail


I had a homie, T-Black, you can say T.P

A down motherfucker from the K.P.C

You see kickin' it tight

And down in the "o"

Doin' missions on them niggas Crip shit you know, you see

He was down for the ruthless shit

Smoke three enemies and remember that bitch

That he drive-byed on the ?? because jokes

And smoke a few more for my homie G-Loc


Sometimes I wonder why my homies had to die

Everytime I think about Big Nina put my head up to the sky

Batman and everybody who down for this

East/Side 80 Street Swans and I cry for this

Cause I be lovin' my homies like a blood brother

You better look out or die cause I'ma kill a motherfucker

Yeah, shot outs goes to all the motherfuckin' Young Soldierz

You know I'm sayin'

B-Dogs in the motherfuckin' house

All the fallen soldiers just died for this B thing

You know I'm sayin'

We in this motherfuckin', we won't stop, you know I'm sayin'

Can't stop, won't stop, yeah you know I'm sayin'

Cause the only thing to promise to you motherfuckers in life is death

You gon' believe that


Kelly In Peace to my homie Jay-Bo

Dun, uh, Rest In Peace, B-Jay from Pocket neighborhood

Nigga G-Low, Montana

The homie Handle


You know, Tim

All my homies K.I.P. Cuzz

Crip Inch K's up


Yeah, the Denver Lanes that's Bickin' In Peace

My big homie, the li'l Laniak

The gangsta Kriki Loco, Real One

Psyco Mike, Vin Rock

Joo-Joo, bigger little brother

Fro-Dog, Big Grim Lok, Red, Midnight

Jay Dee Duse, Dee, the homegirls ?? and Ko-Ko

The homies just locked up and the homies in the hood, I love you

L gang for life


Yeah, this Six-Pacc from Franklin Square Crip, "F" for death motherfucker

And this goes out to my nigga Tiny Half Dead Cuzz

Yeah, F.C.I.P. nigga, fuck them reds

Know I'm sayin', Franklin's up, "F" for death


Yeah, Rest In Peace to my nigga Nutty Boy, West/Side Jungle Stones

A-Baby Warren, A-Bay and my nigga Pumpkin, Inglewood Family

From Green Eyes, I.F. to death, bloo

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