BLOODS & CRIPS - Slobs Keep On Slippin'

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Now here I come with that B.K. four seven guns sit ?? right to me

Step with a Mac-11 rollin' too wise

'bout Tec-9's and double up buckshots

Type of shit that's real known for killin' a cop

Now what's the flex the F flag, true rag?


Lookin' at the news


Crippin' like I crept in the cut

By caught - slippin'

Now he six feet deep

And a nigga with him

Fool it's Crip for life I thought you knew

I guess by night you know my heart pump blue

Now as I dip from the Duece to the Ace on the Evil Side

Niggas with them F's in the end chin Crip or Die

Ain't no escapin' when you enter the Franklin Square

You call it help fool we'll call it true or dare

So remember my name and my motherfuckin' face

I throw a raid on your house like Darryl Gates

Slobs keep on slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'


Awol got a down Crip bitch

Trouble Loc

Down for the Crip shit

I caught a few Slobs so I think it's enough

If you my bitch come and fuck these Slobs up

I only stay K's up

Cause my nigga's from the K

But this is West/Side motherfuckin' P.B.H.

Killin' Slob-ass bitches and crackers

Quick to kill Crip if that Crab try to jack us

Fuck the world

All niggas gotta watch their back

Cause nine times outta ten

I'm peelin' these niggas caps

Gotta strap cause I feel like slain

On the East/Side

M.S.B.K. fool

The 47 ain't just givin' it up

Fuck the Slob I'm a motherfuckin' Compton nut

Straight East/Side Kelly Park Crippin'

We stay set trippin'

On them Slobs that's slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'


Undercover Slob ain't shit, that's on Crip

I can't stand them, I line 'em up, back to back

And I'ma cap them at random

Lettin' the world C known, gettin' know for your hoe

Actin' like you a Snoop but runnin' high when in zone

You'se a bitch and that's real, you can feel me?

Diru's talk shit but can't get with it or killed it

Motherfuckin' Loc

You knows I packs a 44 so step

When I bail through your Slob-ass hood, brought a nigga and doin' dirt

So I makes it my job to flag my rag

And pack a strap so I can kill a Slob

Cuz they should've told ya

About the young Trollster

Quick to start shit, run up bitch and I'ma smoke ya

Fuck ya, it's on and I'm reachin' for my chrome

Blowin' ?? and ?? with lead at your motherfuckin' dome

Kelly Crippin' always shippin' when I'm dippin'

Fingers itchy as fuck and catch this Slob slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'


You hard, you hang but you change

When you see the 44 chrome on your face, you don't bang, nigga

You flag and sag like it's all good

You lil' bitch you only bang in your own hood

You see

Without a pause I'm willin' to die for the cause

Nuthin' to see this scar when I buck

Just watch this Slob fall

He shakin', he fakin', breakin' cause the job ain't done

Now I'm wanted for a murder and I hit-and-run

As I'm runnin'

I take a sip of the bottle

My name's K-Tone and fuck the world is the motto

As I'm tossin' my rag, they can't stand it

Because they comin' up short

In the land of the bandit

So fuck a ?? from the fame of the video

We can handle 'em when we get up out the studio

I got the gat cocked when I'm dippin'

Because I'm straight Crippin'

So you Slobs keep on...

Slobs keep on slippin'

Slobs keep on slippin'


Let us up outta here, loadin', make the block on these bustas

Goin' on out of my hood, it's all good, motherfucker

From the Gardens to the Courts through the Village pass the Down

Set trip if you want to but you can't fuck with the Fudge Town

Reppin' or scrappin' or ratta-tat-tattin'

Provoke you to smoke you, show you hoes what's happenin'

My life style 'cause it's just gang related activity

Beanie, khaki suit, All Stars and a loaded .9 milli

If you caught in the zone a new ass hole is what I'm tear'in ya

Hope you got insurance cause your people finna bury ya

Bring the strap let the gats crack

I caught another Slob in the hood I'm a loc so I did that

A tiger shark in the dark, creep up the cut then I spray

I'm on that ass when you dash I chase you down with the 'K

Cause he pisses me off when this Crip catches you ?slippin?

Tryin' to play this game ??? playin' killers and hustlers

Leave this shit to these G's and leave this shit to us Locs

Cause if I catch you punkin' and gamble you for sure you get smoked

I got my .9 both cocked and my finger on the trigger

So all y'all Slob-ass bustas leave this shit to these real niggas

See I'm the dust kicker, the set tripper

Ain't no one is tellin' fuck Slobs nigga

This is anybody killer

Slobs keep on slippin'...

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