BLOODS & CRIPS - Slob 187

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I woke up

One morning ran outside because I seen yellow tape

Another Slob lying down because he tried to escape

Another A-T-L-A-N-T-I-C B-D drive-by

As his mama, daddy screamin', cryin' ask me why

But they don't know that I don't give a fuck

I hope to meet wagon van man hurry up and clean this Slob but

My mama told me stay away from the gang

But at the same time I keep my blue rag and my blue strings

I used to drag a Slob down the street, kick outta teeth

And bang his head against the concrete

And my neighbors ain't no muthafuckin' snitches

I jacked a Slob for his riches when I done in these ditches

You know last year a lotta Slobs made a mistake

They couldn't wait to join a gang so their lives to be take

By me - another down B-G

Scarface Atlantic Drive kind of Crip I can't stand R-E-D

But that's the main point in effects

So let me grab my gat - bust back

Cause this is Snoop attack

All Slobs should be dead by the 9-5

Cause in the muthafuckin' graves is where the Snoops lyin'

Y'all niggas keep the world a blue atmosphere

Two C's from Compton Crip Cuz and I'm outta here


Betta watch your back

This is Piru 187

Put a Slob on his back with the Mac-11

A Kelly with a gun won't run and hide

It's a nigga Crip Inch and comin' from the East Side

Watch these Slobs just run and duck

Cause I ain't givin' up nuthin' but bad luck

Gotta kill at will

So I pack my steel

Put a Slob on the ground and Cuz that's real

You might say that I'm too far gone

Mind lost and tossed

Of the age of the terrordome

Now I'm off to just makin' a brains hang

Runnin' the streets with the muthafuckin' K gang

One down but I still ain't hurt

Cause I'm killin' Slobs off from here to Gettesburg

The Mac-11 gon' pop pop pop

You get a hole in your head cause I just can't stop


Slobs can't getaway from this itchy trigga finger

Straight Slob killin' Cuz I'm a Crip

Fuck them niggas

Peel their caps cack with a muthafuckin' Tec-9

Slob-ass niggas better muthafuckin' recognize

This is the Slob killa A-D double C

Flee dog B-Dog

Kill a Cuz I'm a L-O-C

Sendin' Slob niggas on the stairway to hell

I can't inhale cause I can't stand that dead lobster smell

So chunk that nigga in a dizitch

All Slob killa and that includes a Snoop

Bitch I always set the Crip up

And won't give a fuck

That's why I stick the Cripalettes cause I cock this bomb as fuck

But you know you gotta watch their punk-ass ho's too

Cause some Cripalette got love for die-'Rus

A hoe ain't shit

Sure 'nuff by a Slob bitch

Cause they would fuck a Slob

And come suck a Crip dick

I can't trust the hoe well, I don't fuck with Slobs

I'm a Locsta and fuck all oo-lah

This is a muthafuckin' C-R-I-P

Ain't no love for an S-L-O-B


I'm givin' up the K to some Slobs and all ??

Slobs wanna trip, Slob nigga bring it on

Shot a Slob's dome with this 30 ?? 6

Infra-red scope with the 30 round clip

A Compton Crip

Bad man, don't step too close

Cause you's a Slob-ass ex Crip nigga from East Coast

That nigga Dog better watch his dome

My dick still in his mouth so my nigga it's on

You ain't a dog, you's a M-U-T

On the nuts of a Compton B-G

Fuck Bangin' On Wax and fuck that True Blue tape

Fuck everybody hood if they dissin' the K

C, I get it strap and I'm ready for a 211

Catch a Slob and it's Slob 187


S-N-O-O-P to the K

Make way when I spray Slobs just ain't safe

Cause it's on with them muthafuckin' off-brand niggas servin' 'Rus like

Dinner with this itchy trigga finger

Puttin' brains to the side walk to end all talk

Bitch Slobs get choked when they slip and get caught

Fuck all die-'Rus and the families have made 'em

Let 'em all claimin' Snoops and now can't shit save 'em

When the set trip is on Slobs cover your dome

I catch a cap to the hat when I'm gettin' the chrome

Lettin' off in your muthafuckin' hood dead rags better duck

Cause a Kelly is up to no good

See you wearing your colors and watch Troll unload

And leave you dead shirt camouflage to 16 holes

Glock 9 causin' doom like that muthafuckin' Armageddon

When I step in Slob's turf

Bitch when they see my weapon

To the head cause there ain't no love

Ask you: where you from? and blast if your ass say Blood

Cause it's a straight Compton Crip

Teachin' new lives left

Fuck all y'all

I'm claimin' Slob 187


Fuck a Slob, fuck a 'Ru

And anybody else too

See Cuz I gotta do for me

Makin' dollars, cluckin' ends for my A-D-C

A 'Ru or a Snoop ain't hard to do away

Grab my 9 if you miss to straight spray niggas

And it's Slob killa

You can't come kickin' in my hood muthafucka cause I peel ya

I'm rollin' through your hood with much Crip


Blue'd up on Atlantic and it's time to set


The muthafuckin' score

Tec-9 bullets muthafuckas now open up the door

And to you Slob muthafuckas that don't know me

Fuck your sets and your dead homies

A-D-C up niggas!

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