BLOODS & CRIPS - Every Dog Has His Day

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I wanna kill a Slob it's the fifth of the month

Blue rag on my head, on my side, on the front

Blue Pumas on my feet, blue khakis on my ass

Black Glock in my hand just in case I gotta blast, see

You get gaffled like a bitch if you chin check

The A-K 47 put him on his back

Broke him down to his motherfuckin' mainframe

Dropped top forehead lookin' at that Slob's brain

Make a Slob break out in a sweat

Cause I'm a Kelly gangsta A-K-A a walkin' threat

B.G. niggas do it the most, I got my A-K

Ready and steady servin' Slobs problems Loc

How in the fuck can I mix with the Inglewood?!

I only got love for third of my own hood

Killin' when I'm rollin' with my niggas

Not just any niggas but them killa Slob niggas

Fuckin' with a Kelly Park Crip now you know

I give a Slob a home on Palmer when bullets roll

Ain't no more steppin' through the smog nor creepin' through the fog

I'm a motherfuckin' Loc sayin' fuck all Dogs

Every Dog has his day, every Dog has his day...

(I'm a Dog killa, I'm a Dog killa, I'm a B-Dog killa)


Slobs better kick at and pay a fuck attention

I'm crippin' through your hood on a Slob killin' mission

Strap on my lap all ready for the K's up ???

To the other side I'm makin' Slob drop

Raise out the window pull the trigga and I blast

Pumps some of that lead in a Slob nigga ass

The nigga rolled over and I shot him in the fuckin' jaw

Hollow shells in my shit, blew his shit the fucked off

Mr. gang bang motherfucker boogie bitch

Slob nigga don't slip cause I'ma cock the set trip

Snoop should have knew I was a trigga happy nigga

Original Baby Gangsta Atlantic Drive Crip gang member

I'm a straight motherfuckin' Brim murderer

None that peace makin' nigga, a bullet stone cold killa

A nigga called Bone that's a motherfuckin' hog

A loc'd out Crip B-K nigga fuck the Dog!




Now I'm a menace from the past kickin' hoo-ride best

Tons of blue rag in their dice game and watch 'em catch whiplash

Damn flood who did it and I'ma bank him

And while I'm blastin' I'm yellin' out FRANKLIN!

See I'm a soldier thought I done told ya

And everytime you slip

I'ma peel up fool

You Snoops think they slick

Tryin' to creep

Through the park

But the nigga Six Pac ??? like tiger sharks

They sniff a mack

Then roll 'em up like that bomb

?And win their daughters like a Watts Loc Vietnam?

Leavin' a killa dead bodies nigga dressed in red

But that's O-K a motherfucker look better dead

CAlifornia Revolution Independent Pistol Slinger

Watts Franklin Crip O.G. gangbanger

A 44 Mag to the dome when I take him home

Boom! Boom! on the corner another Slob is gone



Look who you stuck with

A Kelly you don't wanna fuck with

So Slobs duck quick cause I'm fits to fuck up shit

And it's a must I kill D-O-G's

Dead rags gettin' served tryin' to fuck with these

Two C's

Puttin' 'em on their goddamn backs

Slob fools throw back when I'm packin' a Gat

Set trippin' if you caught

In your colors dead shirt

Dead pants leaves a dead motherfucker

So all Snoops better bang repercussion

Tuck your rags in or get killed tryin' to floss it

Sportin' that bullshit

I'll get your card pulled quick

Test me if you will but I'm pass 'em with full clips


Another die-'Ru lies Restin' In Pieces

Put my Gat to his mouth and made his bitch ass see it

So when you see a B.G.

Drop down and pray

Cause every motherfuckin' Dog is fits to have his day



Crips bustin' shots from Glocks to Slobs steady droppin'

Killin' off all Slobs cause see Cuz it ain't no peace poppin'

Eastside Watts madness Snoop buster

Crip 4 live

Do or die


Servin' you Slobs on a day to day basis

Can't floss on real boss so what's up with your bitch trick?

Down with the Franklin Fudge Front from murder skills nigga

Off jack next the flex with that itchy trigga finger that kills

As I snatch the trigga of the Tec or A-K

As I spray

Cause all dogs have a day

To die you know why punk fool this is Crip

Give it up

What that F like bow down to the set trip

From sun up - to sun down

From Franklin - to Fudge Town

Should've been a Crip cause Slob niggas get beated down

This is the life of a loc'd out slanger

Active gang banger that keeps one in the chamber

So hip hip a motherfuckin' raid

I'm so takin' fuck peace makin' every Dog will have his day


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