BLOODS & CRIPS - Don't Stress Me lyrics

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Gangsta Red touch you down to the head

I got a 9 for the Crabs, a Mac-10 for the Feds

It ain't nuthin' but a Villain thing

Always prepared, never scared to die

Rollin' through the 'hood

Puffin' a dub-sack

The Eastside fits it where the gangsta Bloods at

5.000 and 6 to the hundred

Spotted E-Ricket draw down and gun it

Fuck E-Rickets man, fuck E-Rickets

Bloostone Villains gon' get it twisted

And to these suckers True Flue

You know what they do

Put the 9 in your head and catch a bullet or two

Break-break up 1-9 E-Rickets do you hear me?

It's Gangsta Red on the mic, flown freely

From B-S-B-G-5-6-S-T

See 1-8-7 so Bloods don't stress me


It's the B-gang punks

Chumps and wimps

Don't get it twisted straight Villains not pimp

You might seen a ?? a little B in comin'

We just slappin' bitches

On Crab, we bombin'

Get paid, we not afraid

Fuckin' with the Villains and you gon' get sprayed

The notorious, oh so glorious

5-Deuce Villain can't nobody fuck with us

V-I-L-L-A-I-N, count to ten

And you find that you can't win

East Side of L.A. is where we dwelled

Dissin' all Crab, so fool don't tell

It's already known that Crabs Run In Pack

So all E-Rickets just suck a bozack

Representin' Five-Deuce Villain Gangstas

Fuck with us, recall go to hang ya

I put a slug in your ass or maybe deuce

Smoke that ass like a motherfucking deuce on get loose

On all Rickets, Crab, whoever

Losin' a battle, Villains never


So Crabs don't stress

It ain't nuthin' but a Bloodstone Villains time


5 thousand 6 hundred 5

Bloodstone Villains killing Crab on the spot

5 thousand Deuce hundred 5

Bloodstone Villains killing Crab with the crime


Straight from the heart, Blood I tell you this

Shootin' that crickets uh, I don't miss

Aimin' at the 5.0 for a target

I thought he was a Ricket

But damn I hit a soldier

Shot him in the head

I caught layin' him dead

Puttin' in work, who give a fuck about the Feds

Claimin' the East Side

The Rollin Fifty's

Who give a fuck about Rickets

They all Sissies

Runnin' In Packs

They better watch they back

Cause the Bloodstone Villains caught you Crabs off the Mac

Puttin' a mean check

Leavin' a man all wrecked

You know gangstas in the hood

They get respect

Here we go again on the smoke roll

Five-Deuce, Five-Six Villains goin' on the Crab patrol

Takin' out Crabs on sight, young Rickets

OG's, it don't matter what you look like

And if you dressed in blue

It's only clue for me to do what I'm gonna do

I'm a gangsta, straight up tear this

Takin' out Crabs to give a way I don't care about this

I do it for fun, keepin' Crabs on the run

I gotta gun

Go get a bulletproof vest son

And protect yourself, for your good health

I put your bitch very up on the shells

Because I'm gonna move you from the ground

Have you stretched out in the box slapped to the ground

And when I'm hangin' don't test me

Chillin' like a Villain so Blood don't stress me, stress me


5 thousand 6 hundred 5

Bloodstone Villains killing Crabs on the spot

5 thousand Deuce hundred 5

Bloodstone Villains killing Crab with the crime


Five-Six, Five-Deuce

And ?? on the Seven

It's Gangsta Red straight flowin' from the head

Checkin' you suckers

Because you're nuthin' but bustas

Cowards In The Pack if you know it's always like that

So fuck you Crabs with your weak-ass raps

It's Gangsta Red on the motherfuckin' mic

And you know we just don't stop

So watch me as I turn this motherfucker out

Two deads ??? equal five

Motherfuckin' Crabs that ain't alive

I did it with the quickness, not care about the witness

Now tell me can you hang with the sickness?

And yeah, it's only right

I jack the Crabs for his ?? just the other night

They all on my shit

Front, back

Hittin' the pancake switch

Rollin' down the Ave and what do I be?

Some motherfuckin' Crabs fall around behind me

So I hit the corner

Reach for my strap goddamn rippin' peel some more Crabs cap

Villain's the game, kill is the thing

Understand what I'm sayin' man

It's just a motherfuckin' Villain time

So Blood don't stress me

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