rate me


What's that? A little funky shit

Ah, yeah

Oh yeah, check it out

Ah yeah


I'm comin' straight from the Five nigga

A young nigga is ?live? I'm high

Till this present meaning I'm fucked that I showed up

Strapped with the 44, niggas know I got mine

Stretch with a Gauge, Polly-B with the Tec-9

Not to long ago Crabs try to test us

Talkin' that dumb shit tryin' to get the best of us

But when I ain't havin' it

Not takin' that bullshit

Cause you'll get a 44 bullet on your shiznit

It's not first time, won't be the last time

Niggas all on mine cause I'm from the Five-Line

I'm gonna roll cause nigga it's my time

Peace to the homies from the Four and the Duece-Nine

So motherfuckers give me my props

And if you don't

My .9 is gon' pop-pop

Leavin' suckers flat back on their ass, G

It's in hells where I'm livin' if you ask me

I give a fuck my nigga about dissin' them

Cause already I'm a product of the system


Bickin' it back being bool

Yeah, that's what my homie said

Rollin' down by the boulevard finna bust a C-K

That's a U-turn now we on Bradfield

Hope you ain't a Crab

That wants to get his cap peeled

Bloody Mary as you know

Is a Blood lover

Cause Crip gangs too busy killin' up each other

Throwin' up the B, C-K

About to bail

Water snakes givin' up this Crabby-ass smell

Really - silly - busta, no jokin'

Play with Piru and get your fuckin' jaw broken

Pump your brakes fool, true flue I ain't havin' it

Look at the true 'Ru sportin' a Bulls jacket

Bloody Mary is on the mic and I'm flamed up

Redrum murder you before you came up

When you bee me in red

Tell me: "what's up Blood?"

Don't even trip or slip dumb Crip

For 'Rus I got love


" Hey, hey Stretch, Blood...

C'mon, c'mon to ?Marvins? to put in some work on these Crabs over here in Piru

Hey, fuck them niggas, what about the Kelly Mark-ass niggas?

Oh yeah, right

We get their punk-ass too

Yeah, hey baby check this out, you roll

I'm servin' the motherfuckers "


Check this out, Kiki Loco

Bangin' ain't joke so let me laugh

You sounded like a bitch with your non rappin' ass

I saw you wearin that dirty clothes to match your dirty hood

And fuck that Filthy Bag who claimin' Lynwood

Yeah, Greedy-G

You sounded like a ?? geek

Your sorry mumble mouth motherfucker off-beat

Let me say I wreck shop like cops and wreckin' niggas up

I'm rubbin' your girl, the pussy is good but she's a fat slut

Yep, it's all been Harlem, like you said

Yeah, the Brims and the Twenties leave a nigga dead

Wearin them - bhakis red low and burgundy Chucks

And if I catch you slippin' in my hood wearin' flue you gettin' fucked up

By your true 'Ru nigga named C-K

Rick' get back, Rick' get ruled every single week day

And I can't stand Rickets 'cause they're scary

They could take a hairy dick and lick Bloody Mary


The Penalty for killin I'll pay the cost

I'ma ride C-K till the wheels fall off

You 'Hard Time Bustas' what the fuckin' you work?

Niggas call you 'Nappy Heads' while I zip on my sweatshirt

I got .9 holes to lay 'Tramps' on my sacks

I play the 'Cheese Toast', 'Bubble Gum' in my backpack

Ain't no way out when your casket is closed

You're gettin' rolled on by a Crenshaw Mafioso

I hate to being bothered cause you ?snitchin' for deep?

Ripping 'Snot Guns' in half cause I got big beef

Keep ridin' and duckin' and hidin' from the Four

Down to, down to, down to catch hoe

When I catch you slippin' here's your reminder

Red Rag is a C-K Rider


" Damn, damn, them fools got served

And we served them motherfuckers (Blood Gang - Blood Gang)

Fuck that motherfuckin' ?? a.k.a. fuck ???

Fuck the Crabs, I know I got beef to a tramp hood motherfuckers




AVENUE motherfuckin' ??

Mad Loko, Big Wack motherfucker (right)

My motherfuckin' nigga Jugghead (right)

My motherfuckin' homeboy Big Dee from EAST/SIDE ?? motherfuckin' ELM

(All the time)

Rowdy motherfuckin' Lok

Yeah, we in this motherfuckin' G-Ride (Blood Gang)

Spook Dogg, my nigga Nutt (Blood Gang)

All you gangsta-ass niggas

My homeboy Rampage

My homeboy Lil' motherfuckin' Pac

Lil' motherfuckin' Bolo, big brother Stretch Dogg, what up fool!?

You niggas is real mothefuckin' gangstas

And we ain't FUCKIN with these Crab niggas in the Nine-Tramp

Yeah, we buckin' their ass out


I gotta give a whole shot-outs to them motherfuckin' BOMPTON PIRU niggas

My homeboy mothefuckin' Tom Bomb... "

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