Blood On The Dance Floor

Blood On The Dance Floor - Designed To Kill!

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heezy weezy

Pumpkin peezy

My name is

Duh duh deezy

I'll get you crunk off the heezy

I like them sluts that are easy

I'm chilling wth my breezy

She makes me feel so easy

She keeps it really sleazy

It gives me the heeby geebiez

O wooday good lorday

I'm bout to pop up some fuckin model

She knows she just can't have it

But cheatings just her habit

I know she's problamatic

I wanna fix her habits!

I give into her thrills

As she sinks into kill

Pre chorus

Every time you look at me

Piercing through the lights

I feel your breathe

I feel yourself

It tairs me up inside

To know that you've got issues

And it kills me instantly

To see you with the other guys

Could be the death of meeeeeee


Your just like a pill

Designed to kill

Everything you do

Messes with me

Smothering me

Poison goes down

I'm on the ground dieing

Just like a pill

Designed to kill

Verse 2

Fucking bitches

The motherfucking bitches!

These shit talk hoes

That don't even fucking know

What! @#$

Fuck the drama

Save it for obaba

I don't give a shit

Cuz your gunna get your karma!

What! what!

I'm so siq of it

All this I'll shit

Vomit so atomic

Make you wanna bomb bitch

Vanity mixed a lil bit of estacy

Makes you wanna love me

Makes you wanna fuck

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